About Me

Hi, I’m Richard!

I’m the one who sits for hours writing the blogs! My Border Collie, Ted, isn’t so computer literate, but throw him a ball and he’ll beat me hands down every time!

A New Era

Since 1996, I had my own IT company based in Worcestershire, England. After 20 years of building the business and making it a great success, I made the decision to sell up for health reasons and completely change my lifestyle; and in fact, my entire life!

Enter, Beyond.

Over the years, this 2001 LDV Convoy Luton van has been used for many purposes. Initially bought in 2009 and converted into a mobile office/workshop, the van provided me with ideal premises for my business at the time. As times changed, the business needed more space and moved into fixed premises. The van stood unused for a long time, was used for storage for a while, and even used as a home when times were hard. It was stripped back to a bare Luton furniture van some years ago, and sat in a car park as a giant advert for my business until my latest plan… camper conversion.

This wasn’t going to be just any camper conversion, it was going to be my house on wheels. The project was going to take some time, but the end result is something better than I ever imagined.

I’d sold my business and house (the two were under the same roof)  and so I had the van parked up in a friend’s field, with a small caravan next to it. Living in the caravan and working full time on the Luton became my life for several months. In November 2015, we swapped living into the van and the caravan became my wood and tool shed. At this time, both myself and Kirsty were living in the van.

This new home on wheels had many possibilities and very soon after we started living in it, the new plan was born… we’re going to TRAVEL!

First we’ll get the van finished completely inside, then we’ll go off to Wales over Christmas and New Year 2015 to try it all out without the luxury of our home surroundings! Then in 2016 we’ll hit Europe and see what else is out there! Adventures were planned and my health which had deteriorated from the stress of business would be back to normal pretty soon!!

Utilising the benefits of two way satellite, we have high speed broadband available to us anywhere in the UK and Europe – perfect for Blogging and Vlogging (see my YouTube channel).


And so, Beyond the van we are. I do my best to keep the Blog updated at every opportunity for friends and family to follow us, as well as anyone else out there who’s just interested in what we’re doing. As of mid 2016, Kirsty and I went our separate ways and that’s when Ted joined me to make up the numbers…!

Please do comment on posts, making new friends and hearind your comments plays a big part in our plans, whether they are online or on our travel paths…

And so, until our paths cross, watch this space…


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