Wireless Tech: What you MUST know


If you take 5 minutes out of the 1440 you’ve been allocated today
to read this article, it may just save your life.



By Richard Kimberley

Having now recovered from debilitating health problems related to wireless technologies, my objective in writing this article is to tell you what you need to know to look after yourself and family. What you should know. The reason you don’t know though is because we trust that if something is being sold to us consumers, it’s going to be safe. It won’t be harmful to us, just like cigarettes and asbestos were marketed as if everyone should indulge and there wouldn’t be any health risks.

I’m not going to preach about the cancer risks, even though the World Health Organisation has classified wireless as Class 2B possible carcinogenic, for all I will achieve is the roll of your eyes and comments telling me that anything can cause cancer, including sausages. Point taken, though if I can help you to not get brain tumours from your mobile phone, then all the better.

What’s the issue?

Quite simply, I’m talking about wireless technology. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Mobile phones
  • Cordless landline telephones
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Wireless keyboards and mice
  • Smart meters
  • Mobile phone signal booster boxes
  • Microwave ovens

Ask yourself how these things actually work. I can tell you quite categorically, it’s not by magic. They all use radio-frequency pulsed microwave raditation. You’ll notice I included microwave ovens in the list above. This is because everything in this list works in the same way as a microwave oven – the thing that cooks your food! If you pop your baked beans in a microwave oven, a high concentration of microwave radiation heats your food very quickly (and also destroys any nutritional value). Now, consider this: Your delightful gadgets are bathing you in microwave radiation, for most people, 24 hours a day. Of course, it’s lower power than a microwave oven, but over longer periods of time, you’re the baked beans being cooked. You’re being destroyed slowly and you’re not noticing it – until it’s happened for long enough and you develop electro sensitivity or brain tumours, at which point the damage cannot be undone.

Should I panic?

No. What you should do is read this article from start to finish and learn what you’re not told by the manufacturers of these devices. Although, technically, you have already been informed – how much of your mobile phone manual or terms of usage (which you agreed to) did you read? You may have missed the part which says do not place the phone on your body, let alone on your head. Have a look, you’ll see their get-out clause relieving them of all responsibility is right there under the heading of “Legal”.


This is hard to swallow.

I couldn’t agree more. Everyone you see is carrying a mobile phone. If it’s not wedged into their ear, it’s in their hand or pocket. Every home has WiFi – but how many people are actually sleeping properly at night?

What percentage of people experience migraines, fatigue, memory loss, vertigo or joint pains – in their own homes? Probably diagnosed as ME, MS, Lyme disease, Polymyalgia, Fibromyalgia or simply old age by the medical profession. The same medical profession who, in the UK, are currently not acknowledging that microwave radiation is detrimental to health.

Wireless technology is an untested technology. We, the people, are testing it right now. Canaries and miners is all I liken this to. Why are the canaries such as myself who are keeling over being ignored by you, the miners? We know what happens to miners who ignore their canaries.

It doesn’t affect me.

Not strictly true. You just can’t feel it.

Imagine a glass under a dripping tap. You are the glass and the drips are microwave radiation. As the glass fills up throughout your life, there’s no cause for alarm, no damage is perceived as being done. However, once that glass fills to the top, the trouble is about to start. The final drip overflows the glass and now we have a mess. You can move the glass away from the tap, but only a little of the contents will evaporate. One or two more drips, and we’re overflowing again.

Toxic Barrel

During the “it doesn’t affect me” stage, your glass just hasn’t filled to the top yet. However, when it does, you will feel it. Believe me, it will happen and when it does, there will be no reversing the damage. The damage being anything from becoming electro sensitive to brain tumours, or worse.

I hear you say you’re too old, it doesn’t matter. Then congratulations, you’ve lived most of your life without being surrounded by this vile electro-smog or your glass has a bit more capacity than most. However, as you’re still living and breathing, there is plenty of time for it to hit you. It may already be hitting you, but you’ve put symptoms down to getting older.

Pulsed microwave radiation from wireless technologies doesn’t just lead to electro sensitivity in some people, it harms all of us at cellular level. The BioInitiative Report summarises over 3,800 scientific studies which prove that this is the case.

What’s harmful and what changes can I make?

Let’s answer this in stages. I’ve outlined the most common, dangerous devices and provided ways in which you can change things to make life safer. Remember, anything cordless or wireless is harmful. Have you thought of that wireless baby monitor that’s battering you and your baby with radiation?

Mobile phone


This is the most obvious. So everyone loves their mobile phone, in fact many are quite frankly addicted to them. Here’s a few tips to use them in a safer way:

  • When in call, use speakerphone and keep it away from your body. Do not use a Bluetooth headset or the headphones supplied with the phone, these make things much worse. Bluetooth will be discussed later. Supplied headphones when plugged into the phone simply extend the phone’s antenna – into your head. Air tube headphones are a much wiser alternative. These prevent the radiation getting as far as your head. Amazon link here. These provide safer hands free and music enjoyment.
  • Disable mobile data when not needed. This will stop your phone using 3G or 4G, meaning it will stop irradiating you constantly.
  • Turn off the WiFi on your phone when it’s not needed.
  • Do not use Bluetooth. Ever. See section further down.
  • When not in use, don’t carry the phone in a pocket or anywhere else on your body. Never, ever put it down your bra. This applies to ladies too…
  • Turn phones off at night or put in flight mode to stop them irradiating. Keep them away from your bed when on charge, preferably in a different room. If you need to have your phone on to be contactable, at the very least turn “mobile data” off overnight. This is the setting that reduces the transmissions by up to 90%.



The most fluffy, harmless name that could be used to cover up something that is immensely dangerous. Bluetooth comes in two main classes: One and two.

Class 1 Bluetooth is pure evil. The transmission power is so strong it can work for up to 100 metres. This is the type many supermarkets and department stores are putting on the heads of their staff. If you are one of these workers, REFUSE TO WEAR THEM. They spell brain tumours a mile away. If your employer insists you wear one, I suggest you start strongly questioning the safety aspect. If you continue to wear one, do not be shocked when you are diagnosed with something very nasty later on – when it’s too late.

Class 2 Bluetooth is the most popular. Used for pairing devices, music streaming, hands free, 3D glasses, headphones, etc. It works for up to 10 metres. However, the radiation is dangerous and it’s extremely close to your body. Quite simply, do not use it. Use a wire instead.

Bluetooth is nothing more than 2.4GHz microwave radiation. It’s no different to WiFi, just lower output power. Lower power, closer to your body. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this any further.

Devices such as Bluetooth hands free ear pieces, many 3D glasses, headphones and ear buds are pulsing microwave radiation directly into your head. It’s insanity.

WiFi – Wireless networks


Almost every home and public place has it. It is convenient, but how safe actually is it? The answer is it’s not safe at all. Routers vary in output power, but essentially they all swamp you in radiation 24 hours a day. I doubt you’d be happy to stand in a hospital x-ray machine for an hour? Yet you’ll sleep in a home full of radiation from a router?

Ideally, use an Ethernet cable instead. Most routers have Ethernet ports you can plug into and most laptops have the same, or can have an adapter for use with Ethernet (For example, here is an Ethernet adapter for use with a Macbook Pro/Air and here is one for use with a Windows PC or laptop).

Disable the WiFi on your router via the settings – most routers allow this except for a few very new, high output models (BT Home Hub 5 for example) which are exceptionally dangerous as they emit radiation for up to half a kilometer! If you have one of these in your home, I would strongly suggest either replacing it or wrapping it in shielding fabric which is available online.

A wire is faster anyway and won’t drop the connection. Don’t forget, wireless printers are all using WiFi and are all pulsing microwave radiation into you. Most of these can use a USB cable instead of wireless. Beware of tablets too, they all use WiFi.


Turn your router off at night. You do not browse the internet in your sleep (and if you do, that’s just strange!).

Educate your neighbours as their WiFi and cordless phones will be bathing you as well as them.

Cordless (DECT) Phones.


These are quite possibly the most dangerous of all. The base station transmits at full power 24/7 – whether in use or not!

If you have one in your house, unplug it from the mains right now and file it in the bin, or give it to someone you really hate. These things should come with severe health warnings, but they don’t.

Replace with corded telephones. If you must have cordless (for example an elderly person for safety) then look for an Eco-DECT cordless phone. Amazon link right here. These only transmit when in call, and even then they can be set to reduce that power by up to 75%. Note, the Eco (safe!) options do need to be enabled in the settings prior to use.

If you do only one thing, bin your cordless phone. It’s killing you.

Wireless keyboards and mice


The batteries run down on them, they lag badly and… they’re needlessly bathing you in radiation when you’re using your computer. Where one earth is the harm in a wired setup? Apart from anything, they work so much better!

Wireless keyboards and mice, despite the tiny USB adapter they come with, kick out strong microwave radiation in order to work. Get rid.

Smart meters

There is huge uproar regarding these, and so there should be. Meters for your services such as electricity, gas and water, which are constantly sending data to the energy companies using pulsed microwave radiation. These “smart meters” are being tricked into homes by being referred to with spurious namesĀ  – “digitial meters”, “energy monitors”, “electronic meters” and “digital upgrade” are all terms being used to confuse people into allowing their installations as well as referring to them as “radio frequency metering” or “radio-wave metering”. Be careful of be duped into accepting technology into your home that you have not been given the correct terms for. If you’re unsure, request more detailed information.

If you are offered one, decline in writing.

If you are being forced to have one fitted – refuse. They cannot force you to have one, however you will need to write to the utility company requesting to opt out. This will then be on record.

If you have one already – go and wrap it completely in aluminium (kitchen) foil so it can’t irradiate you. Then write to your energy company requesting the removal of it.

Mobile phone signal booster boxes & masts

Phone Mast

In areas where phone signal is poor or non existent, phone companies are offering booster boxes which plug into your broadband and fool the phone into thinking it has full signal. The calls are then directed by this box via the broadband.

There’s one major problem here. You have installed a phone mast right inside your own home. It’s pushing out the most horrific levels of radiation 24/7.

These devices should simply not exist! If you have one in your home, remove it straight away! No phone signal is a tiny price to pay for your health!

Mobile phone masts themselves are not only extremely ugly, they are hugely dangerous. Keep away from them and if you live near one, shielding your home for protection may be possible. To find out for certain, you need your home assessed professionally and to take advice on shielding methods. Moving home is usually the best solution for your health, as and when possible.

Thank you.

Yes, thank you for taking the time to read and gain the knowledge that should be common to all. Please do share this page (links at the top) and print it out (printer friendly/PDF button below) for people to read. We all have the right to the truth. Every last one of us.

Get wise. Get wired.

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