About Us

Hi, we’re Richard & Phoebe! Oh, and Ted!

Phoebe and Richard Kimberley, travelling with our Border Collie, Ted. Together we are BeyondTheVan.

Since 1996, Richard had his own IT company based in Kidderminster, England. After almost 20 years of building the business and making it a great success, he made the decision to sell the business and house for health reasons and completely change his lifestyle; and in fact, entire life!

Phoebe has an incredible passion for van converting and re-spraying, as well as being a great artist. Creating her beautiful artwork on vans is something she absolutely loves. Phoebe, single handed, converted a LWB Citroen Relay into a beautiful home on wheels in 2018 which has inspired her to follow her passion to create tiny homes on wheels for others!

Combining their unique talents, Phoebe and Richard make the perfect #vanlife team, helping others create their dreams of freedom on wheels and providing much inspiration through their YouTube channel.

Enter “Beyond” – The van!

How it all started… Over the years, this 2001 LDV Convoy Luton van has been used for many purposes and in 2014, Richard decided to convert it into a beautiful home on wheels. The project was going to take some time, but the end result is something better than ever imagined.

This new home on wheels had many possibilities and very soon after we started living in it, the new plan was born… we’re going to TRAVEL!


Named “Beyond” because over the years it has been way beyond a van, and now it certainly is!

Known worldwide for our van conversions and craftmanship, “BeyondTheVan” we now are!

We blog as and when we can for our family and friends to follow our antics, as well as anyone else out there who’s just interested in what we’re doing.

Our passion for vanlife and vans grew and our experience through living full time on the road gives us fantastic experience and knowledge, enabling us to convert lovely vans for other people. We love what we do, it’s our passion. Creating beautifully hand crafted homes on wheels with unique style and attention to detail. You can read more about our services right here

Please do comment on posts, making new friends and hearing your comments plays a big part in our plans, whether they are online or on our travel paths…

And so, until our paths cross, watch this space…


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