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If you appreciate the blogs, videos and content and would like to help me to keep going with it all, as well as have access to a lot more detailed information, there are a few ways you can help out. My videos aren’t free for me to make, so if you would like to show your appreciation, there are several ways you can help Ted and I keep it all going:


Watching the adverts rather than skipping them sends a few pennies my way – thank you!

Join me on Patreon

Joining me on Patreon from as little as $1 per month will gain you access to extra videos – behind the scenes footage, informative chats, details of beautiful locations where I film/photograph, access to my videos before they’re public on YouTube, and a lot more.

Amazon Wish List

I list a few items on Amazon which would help us along our way. These items are luxuries, not essentials. You can opt to buy us anything off my wish list as a gift and it’ll land with us. Please do get in touch as I’ll then give you access to additional content as a token of our appreciation.


If you’d simply like to send a contribution to say thanks for the hard work I put into creating all this – you can do so on the front page of this website via PayPal. Any contributions are hugely appreciated.

Suggested Products

When I recommend products that I have bought and share with you in the bog posts, by clicking the links to Amazon or eBay in my blog posts, I will get a tiny commission.

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