Europe By Kangoo Camper… Part 2

Europe By Kangoo Camper… Part 2

This tour of Europe has become more a tour of Portugal. Well, South Portugal. Specifically the lovely village of Santa Clara and it’s amazing barragem.

Video Blogs at the bottom of the page! 🙂

My time here has turned more into a holiday than a “travel” adventure, and it’s an amazing experience.

Barragem De Santa Clara

To wake up each morning with this view and only a few footsteps away from a warm swim, this is living life.

I definitely won’t be going back to the life of earning money to pay bills until I die.


Ted very much approves of this life choice. He loves the travelling life and his only care in the world is when the next throw of his ball will be.


Before I came away, Kirsty bought me a hammock. I highly recommend one of these to anyone!


Touring the Algarve wasn’t all good though… a group of us decided to climb down to a beach and over the rocks to find a cave which has a lagoon in it.

This didn’t go so well for me when a large wave took me off my feet and threw me on to the rocks.

War Wounds

Needless to say, this hurt. A few days later though I was feeling more alive again.


I was recommended to visit the small village of Barão de São João in the Algarve for the Sunday market.

Barão de São João

It was brilliant!

Barão de São João

I enjoy a car boot sale at home, but this was a different kettle of fish altogether.

Barão de São João

There were some great van conversions to be seen here. Van life is very popular here in Portugal.

Barão de São João

A converted bus home! Brilliant!

Barão de São João

I spent most of the day at the market and met up with quite a few people I knew!

Barão de São João

Nice plate of Octopus!

Barão de São João

The temperature was mid thirties and Ted was wilting!

Barão de São João

Until of course, another dog comes to say hello!

Barão de São João

Better to be born a dog than a pig here though. Poor sod.

For the first week of October I had a visitor for a week…..


Welcome back to Portugal, Kirsty!!


We went and bought a boat for some lake antics.


Now, this is the life!

We went on a self propelled cruise to the island… Then came back before we ran out of light!

English Food

On a day trip to Silves we found some English food. Though to be honest, English food is in every other restaurant in the Algarve.


A trip up North to Évora took us to Capela dos Ossos (Chapel of Bones). The Chapel gets its name because the interior walls are covered and decorated with human skulls and bones.





It was very impressive. You can see more of it in my video below.


There was more to see than just bones though. Apparently.


We parked up for the night at Barragem Dos Minutos. Just a few feet from the lovely warm water.

The rest of our time was spent at Barragem de Santa Clara. It’s a beautiful place.


Whilst here, I have met many lovely people. And dogs, such as Deefa here.


This is the trouble with van dwellers… Hanging out our laundry in public!

Sadly, Kirsty flew back to England and left me here all on my own… Sort of.

Santa Clara

As you can see, I was left all by myself, lonely…

Santa Clara

From left to right: Gaz, Caz, Mandy, Dave, Myself, Ben.

When travelling, you can always guarantee to find plenty of British travellers for company. And what excellent company indeed.

Gaz makes an incredible curry. So incredible we had one most nights. YouTube video en route for those wanting to see how he makes them!

Video Blogs

Kirsty visiting & The Chapel of Bones:

A shopping trip in Portugal:

Sunday Market at Barão de São João:

What’s next?

There will be some more blogs and video blogs from this adventure…. However….

I will be returning to the UK  mid October. I have a plan, a big plan. No, actually, a MASSIVE plan. My ferry is booked from Cherbourg to Poole and as soon as I get back I will be putting the wheels in motion for the next EPIC adventure. The next one will be the biggest and best. Watch this space…


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