Happy New Year 2016 !!

Happy New Year 2016 !!

Happy New Year!

A dedicated Blog post for New Year seems appropriate! Especially when we’re wild camped in Elan Valley!

  • And now I’ve worked out how to make my photos enlarge when you click on them

So, we arrived last night, got the wood burner fired up and our home nice and cosy…

Wood Burner

The chef got dinner started…


… and I finished it to ensure it was edible. It was. Just.

A night of internet browsing, blog researching and general online stuff…


… Ok, so she sat in my chair for a minute, but it does look like she’s the geek and not me!

Whilst I made use of our internet access for the evening, and missed Midnight completely (oops!), Kirsty was reading her book. You know, one of those paper devices. Can’t get the hang of them too well myself, never know where to click.

After a cheeky Crabbies for New Year, it was time to retreat for the night. I generally avoid drinking whilst wild camped just in case I have to drive for any reason. However during the entire evening only four cars drove past. I think we’re pretty safe from anyone bothering us here.

Our spot was very sheltered (as far as we could make out through the blackness of the night!) and I looked forward to the morning and seeing where we actually were! After a GREAT night sleep, this was our wake-up view for New Years Day 2016…


Beat that!

Peace and quiet, nobody around, just us and… the rain. At bedtime, the astro-turf on the tail lift was frosty, while we were rather cosy. With the door open. The wood burner is 5Kw, so after it’s been on for a while it does get warm in here!

Our choice of location for New Years Eve (and as it’s turned out, most of New Years Day!) was perfect…

DSC_0193 DSC_0195

One thing though – there’s something about going home after the weekend that I am looking forward to doing: The outside of the van!!! I’m really pleased with the inside now it’s finished, but the outside still looks a right mess. I have plans for this though, it’s going to look awesome.

We’d like to wish all of our friends and family, blog followers and anyone else that’s reading a fantastic New Year. 2016 is going to be great and full of fun. We can’t wait to travel properly! Currently, we’re aiming to get a ferry off this rock in February and return a few weeks later to catch up with life. Then we’ll be off again… who knows where! Keep coming back…..

You know that geek from the start of this post? She’s at it again…


It is hot chocolate in the mug though. Not Famous Grouse. The water was boiled on the wood burner!

Until the next post (Wales part 2), it’s time for us to vacate this delightful spot, and find the next…. Happy New Year!

Rich & Kirsty.


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8 Comments on “Happy New Year 2016 !!

  1. You two are doing a great thing and I wish I could do it now. Keep it up I am looking forward to all this reading. The wood stove looks big, I am working of getting a Kimberley wood stove for my 5th wheeler when I get it. You will have to tell us all about your sat system. Did you get it as you are going to Europe?

    • Hey David! Thanks, we are really looking forward to our new lifestyle! The wood burner is 5Kw so yes, it is big but all the windows can be opened, as can the door! I will be doing a video Blog soon dedicated to the satellite as many people have asked about it. I fitted it because I cannot use mobile phones/dongles/wifi (see ‘About Us’ page). I’m hoping it will work well in Europe! We shall see….!

  2. Hi I have followed your link from the wild camping forum and really enjoying what you’ve done to your van and your write ups wish I could put a log burner in my motorhome but will have to settle for the washer drum looking forward to your next outing

  3. You parked up behind me last night. MH look very interesting and wished I had more time to talk. Good luck on your travels
    Wherever they lead you.

    • Thank you! Apologies if we disturbed you when we arrived! Hope you managed to find the missing dog! If you see us again, please do knock the door 🙂 Best wishes, Rich & Kirsty.

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