May Day Bank Holiday

May Day Bank Holiday

To the seaside…

The day we returned to England from our first trip abroad with the van last month, we picked up my new travel buddy, Ted.


Ted’s a six month old Border Collie.

Border Collie

A combination of May day bank holiday and Ted can mean only one thing…


A Weekend in Wales



Off we set, picking up my daughter, Emily, on our way. Emily is six years old and missed me rather a lot whilst I was off around Europe.

We headed straight to Borth. I know of a nice little beach park-up and after many of the traditional “are we there yet” we arrived just in time to hit the beach.

Borth Beach

Ted was introduced to the beach and he really thought he was in Paradise. I don’t know if he’d been before, but he just didn’t know what to do first!

Borth Camping

He loved the sea!

Wales Beach

And so did his big sister!

Borth Beach

Oh joy, the smell of soggy dog for the evening!!

His 50ft training lead was trailing behind him just in case he went too far into the sea. Emily managed not to get tangled up in it for most of the beach session, but towards the end she did fly off behind him into a pool deeper than her wellies.

Oh joy, soggy child too!


Give Ted a beach and his favourite ball and he couldn’t ask for more!

We had a pleasant night parked up beside the beach and after a good beach visit the following morning, we decided to move in land.

Elan Valley

Elan Valley

You guessed it though… It was pouring!

Elan Valley

But a bit (lot!) of rain didn’t put us off! We went on some great walks.

And got rather damp.


Wales is still stunning, even in the pouring rain. Ted didn’t mind at all.


We parked up in the same spot that we spent New Years Eve.



I’d love to say we had a peaceful night sleep, but at midnight a foreign couple parked behind us in a Smart Car. Ted made them aware of his presence with his “I’m a massive Wolf” pitch of bark. At this point I thought I’d better get out of bed and check it out.

I got dressed quickly in the pitch dark while Ted was warning them he’s not to be messed with! Sadly, his ferocious bark turned into a whimper when I stepped on his tail in the dark.

I greeted them by turning on all our external flood lights. They were lost. I had no idea where they were trying to get to, but they walked off into the middle of nowhere for an hour, then came back and drove off.

After that, the night was quiet.

Elan Valley

Before we set off home, we went off on more walks and admired how stunning Elan Valley is.

Still raining. A lot.

Elan Valley

But still stunning.

Elan Valley

Just add 20 degrees and some sun – you’d not know you were in the UK!

Oh wait a moment, yes you would. The water is all fenced off and you can’t get anywhere near much of it.


Ted LOVES the water. It’s his favourite game – even better than his ball.

Wood Burner

It’s a dog’s life.

Nothing like having a small dog in a van who takes up next to no space. Apparently.

Richard and Ted

A short break away, totalling 250 miles there and back. Emily had a lovely time, Ted had a whale of a time! On the second day away, I found my camera charger, hence all the blog photos were taken that day.

I was shattered.

Back on home turf just in time to take Ted for another walk! And find him some more water to play in!

What’s next?

I’m doing some work on the van, ready for the next trip to Europe. Firstly, I’m adding two large windows to the lounge area. More light and more air flow. And more weight… oops.

I will be completely stripping the cab interior and sound proofing it. Not a two minute job, but one I feel will make the long drives much more pleasant.

If I can fault the van on one thing, it would be the driver’s seat comfort for long journeys. Or lack of, after a few hours. My theory is a Renault Kangoo front seat would be good… So an upgrade is imminent!

Next trip away for Ted and I in a couple of weeks.

Where to…? Who knows!!!?

Watch this space (or subscribe to my blog for new post email notifications!)….

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20 Comments on “May Day Bank Holiday

  1. My family is Welsh. I’ve been back. Love it. Sun would do a lot for the place. How’s zat EHS thingy after the M woman’s help? Gettin’ any better?

    • Hi David,
      The EHS is much improved but still very much there! It seems the only way to live a healthy life it to keep away from EMF/EMR. Better keep travelling! Hope you are well. Best wishes, Richard.

  2. Please say if you arrive at any areas where there are no signals. I am also Welsh, living in Devon but desperate to find a no signal place to live. Hopeless here. Enjoying your blog.

  3. Thanks for the update we both love your new traveling companion your daughter looks as if she enjoyed the experience with the dog also ,so from us up here in Scandinavia happy travels to you all cheers ,AlfandM .

  4. I am absolutely thrilled that ted has become the happiest blog dog in the world with such a fantastic family !!
    Jenny xxx

  5. daddy I have seen the blog about us! Love emily xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    can we go agane pleeeeeeze?

    • Dear daughter, you’re 6 years old, how on earth have you worked out how to do all this computer stuff! Must take after your Dad I reckon! Yes we can go away again soon. xxx

  6. Haha you guys are so cute!
    Keep up the good work Rich!
    Have fun on your travels & remember YOLO!

  7. Saw you last night at venford reservoir. A lovely spot, one of our favourites. Did the Rangers move you on? they are very strict about campers. Happy travelling

  8. It’s good to catch up with activities beyond the van !
    Good photos. We were at Elan valley a couple of weeks ago. Wonderful area. Found a quiet self sufficient cafe . Just two people in there who turned out to be living in our home town, just 800 yds away.

  9. Saw you at Sainsbury Paignton a few weeks ago. Was fascinated with the van hence just got to looking you up. The subject matter is so interesting and I wish you well. If/when I get my motorhome I will look out for you. Regards Katie in Brixham Devon

    • Hi Katie!
      Lovely to hear from you! Please do say hello if you spot the van again! Hope you get a motorhome, they’re just brilliant! Best wishes, Richard.

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