Re-spray FAQs

Do you spray the door innards?

Yes, the door innards, etc. are sprayed. This is generally done on the second day. If you do not wish the innards to be painted, just mention this at time of booking.

Do you spray the roof?

Yes, I spray the roof unless you don’t want me to.

Do you provide the paint etc.?

I provide the paint, thinners, masking off materials and everything else needed.

Do you spray the bumpers?

The bumpers will be either masked off or removed prior to spraying. Bumpers can be sprayed, please ask for details.

How long does the paint take to dry?

The paint is generally touch dry within the hour, depending on the ambient temperature.

Can you do bodywork/rust?

I am able to offer small bodywork/rust repairs. Please mention anything like this at time of booking to ensure I allow enough time. I allow two-three days for the actual re-spray and therefore any bodywork does need extra time. Larger repairs are often possible, but I evaluate each project individually. Please contact me with details and photos.

Can I help?

YES! YES! YES! That’s a yes, by the way. You helping us is how I am able to offer such good re-sprays at low prices. It’s a busy few days for both me and you. I want you to be part of the experience and see how it’s all done and be 100% involved. Your help with the preparation, masking off, etc. is vital. The only part you can’t help with is the actual spraying process.

What finishes do you offer?

I highly recommend satin. It’s beautiful. A slight sheen and very tough wearing. I no longer offer matt or gloss.

Can you do Raptor?

I have sprayed in Raptor but do not offer this as a service, sorry.

How long does a re-spray take?

Generally, at least three days. Occasionally two. I will always book you in for a minimum of three days (plus additional days for any bodywork which needs doing before the re-spray).

Do I drop the van off with you or do you come to me?

I do not have fixed premises, I am 100% mobile. I can arrange a location, or you can source one yourself. If you intend to not be helping with the preparation, that’s fine, but please let me know at time of booking so I can allow extra time and quote accordingly.

Do I need to do anything with the van beforehand?

Please wash the van thoroughly at least (but no less than) 3 days before the re-spray. The van doesn’t need to arrive spotless, but as clean as possible does make life easier.

What size field/patch of land do you need?

If it’s used, my inflatable spray booth is 5m x 10m plus an additional 2-3 metres each side for the guide ropes. I also need space to park my Luton and trailer, as well as outdoor space for your van too. 20m x 20m would be lovely.

How long afterwards can I wash it?

I don’t suggest washing it for at least 2-3 weeks. The vehicle, that is.

Can I sleep in my van overnight during the work?

Yes, I will arrange a location to work where overnight sleeping is fine for you. However, after the re-spray, your van will have paint fumes which some people may find unpleasant. Whilst most people do stay overnight in their vans, some do opt to book a local hotel, Travelodge, etc. If you do decide to go along the hotel route overnight, prior booking is highly recommended! I’m unable to provide transport so a taxi may also be needed.

What do we need to bring with us?

Yourself (or yourselves), plenty of enthusiasm and energy! As well of course anything you will need for overnighting in in your van. Don’t forget food and water. Please make sure you have enough gas/fuel if you intend to use your cooker/night heating. Once I have started work on your van, it cannot be driven until the work is completed.

Do you always use the spray booth?

No, in fact it’s rarely used. Re-sprays are generally outdoors.

Is it a perfect finish?

If you’re expecting the equivalent of a ten grand re-spray perfect for a Ferrari… you’d probably not be too disappointed! My finishes are superb, but I am offering budget re-sprays.

Can I go into the spray booth?

Until the spraying commences, you’re welcome in the booth. Due to the canvas floor, I ask all footwear to be removed prior to entering. Once the spraying commences, access to the booth is definitely not an option under any circumstances. I will drive your vehicle in, and out of the spray booth.

Can I sit in my van during the spraying?

Absolutely not. I always prefer the owner/s to leave alive, delighted and preferably conscious.

What happens if it’s raining or windy on our booked days?

I’ll do my best to cope. Rain and wind are a problem. I will keep an eye on the forecast for up to a week prior to your booking and if there looks to be a problem, I will discuss it with you. We may have to re-schedule.

How do I pay you?

I accept cash or bank transfer as payment.

Do I pay a deposit?

I ask for 10% deposit at time of booking. This secures the agreed dates and enables me to purchase your paint well in advance. The deposit is non refundable should you cancel your booking. If I have to re-schedule due to bad weather, you won’t lose your deposit. In the unlikely event of something occurring my end resulting in a cancellation, I will of course refund your deposit. Though I will do my best under any circumstances to re-schedule things.

Can I change my appointment date?

I’d prefer it if you didn’t, but I do understand that some things just can’t be avoided. I am generally very pre-booked but if I do have an alternative date available, I will do my best to sort something out for you. If I can’t offer an alternative date and your original dates are cancelled, the deposit is non refundable.

Are dogs welcome to come?

Of course! Ted will be here too and he’s friendly with dogs. He loves them. He treats them as his own! The only thing I ask is that dogs are not allowed into the spray booth.

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