Mobile Office Conversions

Prior to becoming a van converting specialist back in 2014, Richard had an IT company for the 20 years previous. During some of the the IT years, working from mobile premises proved to be a great and a very successful alternative to fixed work spaces.

Working from mobile premises proved to be an immense success. No rent, business rates or bills other than the cost of running a vehicle.

I now offer these conversions as a service.

Mobile Office Trailer

Mobile Office Trailer
2007 – Mobile office Trailer.

In 2007, Richard built this mobile office trailer designed for his mobile IT support business.

Mobile Workshop Trailer
Trailer set up at various locations throughout the week.

The trailer comprised of customer area accessed via removable steps, office area and small IT workshop. A battery bank was built in for power.

Mobile IT Office
The blank canvas.

The trailer accommodated all equipment required for the business to operate optimally.

Mobile Office
Trailer fully loaded, ready for work.
Mobile Premises

Mobile Office & Workshop – The Luton

In 2009, what is now possibly one of the most well known self built campers on the internet, the Luton was bought and Richard converted it into a pretty impressive mobile office and workshop under one roof. The upgrade was due to more space being needed, not to mention how nice it was to no longer hitch up and tow daily.

Luton Conversion
The Luton, as it was originally bought for back in 2009.

The Luton was impressive. Featuring it’s own generator, mobile broadband and VOIP telephone system (both pretty rare back then!) and absolutely every facility needed for the IT business. Weighing a mere… 4500Kg…! Needless to say it was rapidly up-plated from 3.5t to 5.5t.

Luton Office Van
Inside The Luton, a fully equipped mobile office and workshop.
Mobile Office Van
All contents fixed. Nothing moves whilst driving.
Luton Van Office

Complete with UPVC double glazed door and windows, heating and bright lighting.

LDV Convoy Luton
Partially raised floor separating the office area from the workshop area. Large battery bank and chargers under the floor.
Mobile Office
All equipment inside is fixed, ready to drive.

As it can be seen, the conversion quality even back then was very high indeed. The Luton received many compliments and it was so beautifully converted that it made the business very credible. These days, the conversions are even better, somehow!

If you would like to discuss the building or conversion of mobile work premises (for whatever type of business you have), please get in touch. Needless to say, my craftsmanship is second to none, and it’s even backed by 20 years of IT knowledge to get you working mobile using trusted and proven techniques.

What I charge.

I can be fully mobile and come to you. My rate for mobile office/workshop/premises conversion is £200 per day. VAT is not applicable as I am not VAT registered.

I’m fully mobile and can come to you to carry out the work. I’ll guide you through everything from the initial idea, the planning stage, right through to the full and final build as well as where to get materials from and how to make your mobile setup work for you.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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