Van Conversions

As you’ve probably guessed by now, I’m rather passionate about vans, van dwelling and converting vans for various purposes.

I took my love for vans one step further and set myself up a fully mobile workshop which I tow behind my Luton (or Trafic) to offer a fully mobile service helping other people convert their vans, as well as carrying out full conversions.

Mobile workshop trailer. Enables me to carry out van conversion work, resprays, etc.

I work both in the UK and throughout Europe on a mobile basis, though I do have a small base near Worcester (M5, J6) in the West Midlands with an outdoor area in which I can work. Always excited to take on a new project of any size, I’m happy to help out with smaller aspects of an existing build project, or take on larger tasks.

Converting a Luton in a carpark near Brighton!

I’m probably most well known for my micro camper conversions and of course my Luton van conversion in which I live full time.

Renault Kangoo micro camper conversion.

Utilising small spaces for optimum usage is something I pride myself on and love working out. A great example of this is my most recent Kangoo micro camper into which I not only managed to fit in a kitchen with hot and cold running water, but also a toilet, hot shower facility and under-floor chiller compartment.

Kangoo micro camper with hot running water, shower, under-floor fridge and even a toilet!

On a larger scale, I built my own home by converting a Luton van into a house on wheels. Probably the most well known Luton van conversion on the internet, this has been my full time home since 2014.

My Luton van home, complete with trailer, motor scooter and Border Collie!

My Luton van home.

I do love a challenge and I’m not afraid to work out how to do new things. Re-spraying vans is something I love doing, but recently I was asked to replace an entire rear quarter on a Sprinter… So yeah… let’s do this!

Cutting out the rear quarter of a Sprinter in preparation for replacing panels and re-spraying.

As long as the van owner is happy to accept that I’m not necessarily an expert in every aspect and that things may not always go according to plan, I will gladly take on tasks that I’m not familiar with. Knowing full well that I may have to learn as I go, and have back-up plans at the ready too!

MWB Sprinter. Damaged panels cut out, new panels welded in. My first attempt at major bodywork repairs!

One thing I love about my work is it always seems to result in my “customers” becoming really good friends! Having the van owner assist me in my work not only helps me get things done more efficiently, but gives the owner a fun and pleasurable learning experience.

I love taking ideas and turning them into reality. Throw your ideas my way and I’ll create them!

Adapting swivel seats to fit a camper conversion. Much fabrication needed but an outstanding end result!

Woodwork, plumbing, gas, metal fabrication, electrics, night heaters, wood burners, bodywork repairs and re-sprays are just a few of the areas I’m happy to work on.

Kitchen unit I made for an Iveco conversion. All hand made from sheets of Pine.


Wood-burner and tiling – Iveco Daily.


A Luton van conversion in progress. This conversion took 20 days from an insulated box to family home.

I love to add interesting and creative ideas to any project I take on. For example, whilst working on a Luton conversion for “Rainbows on the road” I made them a lovely ceramic tile with their logo printed on for their new kitchen.  Another service I offer – printed tiles, mugs, etc. etc.

A tile I printed for a Luton conversion. The print is embedded into the ceramic.

Wood burners – Every van should have one, right? However, fitting one may be a daunting task. Afterall, you don’t want your hard work going up in a puff of smoke! Not only am I happy to fit wood burners, but I also sell them. These burners are hand made by a friend and in limited quantities are available to buy via my website. Each burner will feature a “Beyond The Van” plaque too!

My prototype wood-burner. Just awaiting glass and “BeyondTheVan” plaque.

I will gladly come to you to help out with your build. All you need to do is organise somewhere for the work do be done. I’m more than happy with an isolated spot up in some common land! I have my own (mostly silent!) power supply for the power tools and I’m fully off-grid. Access to a near-by DIY store may be useful though! Please remember I will come with a trailer so turning space/access has be to considered…

A beautiful, hand made real wood floor I made out of old pallets. This is in my Renault Trafic.

I do have the use of a small area on an industrial estate near Worcester. About 20 minutes from J6 of the M5. Here I can work on projects, though do not have indoor facilities. You’re welcome to come to me by prior arrangement, though I’d prefer to work in a nice spot in the hills.

Fully off-grid rolling workshop & home. Complete with balcony and scooter for popping out!

What do I charge?

I like to make myself affordable to the van community. Originally I was only charging £70 per day. I soon realised after working very long days that by the end of it I couldn’t even fund a tank of diesel! Crazy really, but these are the times we’re in and I think my idea of £70 for sometimes 10-12 hours work was somewhat in the wrong century!!

I now base myself more realistically at £120 per day. I’m known for superb craftsmanship with speedy results and I’m still providing great value for money as well as enabling myself to buy food at the end of it!

Travel costs may be added, depending on your and my locations at the time. I’m pretty flexible on this as long as I don’t lose out on the travelling.

Ted will provide antics for the cost of throwing a ball! He doesn’t ask for much!

LDV Pilot Conversion. 2017.

Kangoo Micro Camper. 2016.


I tend not to book projects far in advance as I enjoy the freedom of my lifestyle. The best thing to do is make an enquiry below, stating what you’d like doing, where you are, when you’d like help, etc. and I’ll come back to you as quickly as I can…

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