Sun, sand and… sex.

Sun, sand and… sex.

Au revoir petit pois de jardin!

France was glorious, and I look forward to spending more time in such a beautiful country later in the year.

Perhaps with less parking tickets, little garden peas, and speed camera flashes though.

The drive to Spain was pretty warm. Ted and I stopped off en route for some lake dipping, of course.

Beautiful scenery along the way.

The Pilot is superb. I can drive for 3-400 miles at a time if I need to, in absolute comfort. She drives and handles like a car. Pulling up the hills past the motorway lorries with ease. All with a respectable 40+ MPG.

Time was getting on and we found a rural layby to stay overnight.

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. It’s simply not true. It falls mainly on the Pilot… We’ve been mislead all these years!

We went off-road. Then the off-road ran out. This van is far more capable than the Kangoo when it comes to rougher terrain. I think the rear wheel drive is the key here, as well as a decent weight on the rear end.

We spent a few days beside a most beautiful beach. So many amazing places to freely park up, often with a few other vans.

Sex On The Beach

Literally. I’m not talking about the cocktail either.

Ted and I took a morning stroll along the beach where we passed a young couple hard at it. As we walked past, he was on top. They saw us, smiled, and swapped over; she then jumped on top and they carried on. Fair play.

Thankfully, Ted didn’t grab the wrong wood for a game of fetch.

Nudity in Spain

I thought I was the only person to stand outside my van having a shower. Wrong. I was probably the only person to search for a deserted spot to stand outside my van to have a shower though.

Whilst parked up in a reasonably busy car park in Spain, a couple in a Transit Connect parked next to me, stripped off and showered next to their van. They took their time and had no issue with it. Eventually they got dressed. It’s normal here.

People naked in a lake or showering when other people are around isn’t the end of life as we know it – as the prude Brits make out. Over here, nobody cares. We weren’t born with clothes.


Ted and I spent a few days in the same spot in Galicia. Enjoying the cool rivers and amazing swims under waterfalls.

The water was just perfect.

We spent an afternoon swimming with an American family. Ted loved it and didn’t bite any of them.

That evening, I showered under a waterfall. If you have never showered under a waterfall, you are missing out. Do it.

The weather is amazing, the water is awesome, and of course any time of day is Beer O’clock.

We even shared a pizza.

Where to next? Oh yes…

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See you in Portugal…


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1 Comment on “Sun, sand and… sex.

  1. Looks like your having fun and those people on the beach seemed to be having more fun though! 😉
    Yep we weren’t born with clothes – free as a bird, let it all out haha!!

    Enjoy! speak soon, MinxyMaxBurger 🙂

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