About Our Shop

Terms & Conditions… Oh wait, there are none…

There are no crazy terms and conditions. We’re not some greedy, faceless corporation taking your money and feeding the machine of society.

Our shop isn’t always open…

This is bacause we live on the road, we travel andweI work too (doing van conversion work, re-sprays, etc.). Sometimes it’s just not possible to make the items that are for sale on here, let alone go off and post them. There are times too when we don’t have internet access. Rather than seeming unreliable and potentially disappointing people, during these times we close our online shop. You can still browse, but ordering will only be when the shop is back open.

Your money…

Each item details where your money goes. Some items for sale are zero profit as the money is given to various projects for other van dwellers.

VAT is not charged on any products as are not VAT registered.

We are full time van dwellers and we live on the road…

We’re full time van dwellers working both on the road and from a small and cheap storage container near Worcester in the West Midlands, UK. For us, working is only to raise enough money to live and fund our projects; and to help others in the van dwelling community to keep on the road and fund their various projects and minimalistic lifestyles.

We’re not a hard nosed business bending over backwards to please everyone. We live on our own terms and we do my best by others. On that basis, you’ll get a lovely item as quickly as we can manage, but if something genuinely goes wrong, we’ll do our best to sort it. But you won’t find us grovelling to apologise if the postman leaves your item on the step in the rain and is found to be taking shelter in bed with your partner.


We don’t carry much “stock” because it takes space and we don’t have the money to lay out on items which could potentially sit in our trailer for long periods. We’d rather be able to afford food than to look at boxes of mugs and t-shirts. That’s fair enough, right?

We generally order in the stuff that we need when an order is reveived. This does delay delivery, but it’s the only way we can do it.


So, on this basis, delivery may take from 3 to 14 days. Possibly longer if we’re travelling in areas where we can’t receive stock deliveries, or if we have no internet to see the order. If you need something quickly, please message me first and we will accommodate wherever possible. This may mean we obtain stock via Amazon Prime (their lockers are awesome!) or you may have to send a bit extra for us to make fast delivery happen. Either way, anything’s possible.

The cost of postage is what it costs us. We have included the cost of our fuel to get to the Post Office in the cost of printing.

Printing/production costs…

The costs stated as printing or production costs generally consist of:

  • Inks
  • Generator fuel
  • Consumables used for the printing process
  • Fuel (scooter or van) to get to the Post Office
  • Courier costs to receive consumables, stock, etc.
  • Anything else we have to spend to make the item!

Payment… PayPal are ultra greedy. Let’s not use them.

Payment by bank transfer is hugely appreciated. PayPal are greedy and we don’t like feeding that machine. Bank transfer is free and the extra few moments it takes to use that method is HUGELY appreciated.

PayPal to friends and family is free though – more information is at checkout if you’d like to go with this option!


In the unlikely event that you’re not over the moon with your purchase, don’t cry. Just get in touch and we’ll sort something out. We believe in fairness, integrity and above all, honesty. We appreciate the same in return…

Packaging, plastic & recycling…

All packaging used is, wherever possible, re-used packaging from stuff we’ve ordered ourselves, or packaging we’ve picked up here and there.

We don’t use plastic if we can help it, but if it’s a case of re-using plastic that we already have, then we will do. If we use newspaper to package something, we’ve certainly not read said paper, it’ll have been given to us..!

You can expect your items safely packaged but they probably won’t be in pretty paper. If your order does arrive in posh packaging, we probably got a bargain buy at a car boot !!

Money for other van dwellers…

When items are sold on behalf of other van dwellers, such as items with their logos on, the money stated as theirs will be sent to them when the order is posted to you. There are no hidden deductions or commissions.

Some items for other van dwellers may be higher prices because it’s for a specific cause. In this case, you’re not just buying an item, you’re helping a worthy cause. So, on their behalf, thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you for ordering. Your money helps keep us on the road and it’s helping to keep other van dwellers on the road too, depending on what you’ve bought.

Ted always benefits too!


Wishing you the very best,

Richard & Phoebe.

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