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Enjoying Southern Portugal

I think it’s only fair to share with you my office setup for the day. Minus a wheel trim. The temperature on this July afternoon is scheduled to be 41°C which surprisingly I’m handling rather well. In the background you

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Beyond to Spain…

The Algarve was addictive, there’s no denying that one. We found many glorious beaches which ticked every box for us – stunning beauty, hot sands, amazing sea… But it was almost time to move on. We’d found a stunning riverside

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A True Inspiration

Van Life In Portugal. We stayed in our spot for a few nights at Barragem de Santa Clara to have a good break from the many miles of driving. A beautiful place, so very peaceful. It was just the break

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Beyond The Algarve

We made it! The sky was blue with fluffy clouds, the sun was glorious. We had finally arrived at our destination… It had been a long journey and didn’t my back know it! The beach awaited us! We were finally

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Driving in France & Spain

1,600+ Miles Later… In England, we used to drive on the left side of the road. These days in England, we drive on what is left of the road. It’s only once you leave our “great” rock that you realise

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