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A grand tour of my Luton Van home!

After converting four vans into campers and making video tours of each, it comes as a surprise that I have never done a video tour of my first conversion – my home! I had always planned to do a van

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The universe has your back!

When I’m travelling, I rarely make plans. Whether you’re five or five thousand miles from home, life on the road can lead you in many fascinating and wonderful directions. By not making plans, you’re allowing the universe to take you

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A meander through France…

After a fantastic few days in the Pouancé area of France, it was time to move on. But it seemed rude to leave without one last visit to the lake… Laundry day!! I spent a good hour in the water

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My eyes are opening…

The beauty of travel… it’s a completely personal experience. This time away, I feel I’m travelling rather than on a holiday. I have no real time constraints and that’s giving me opportunity to slow down and experience a lot more.

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The adventure has commenced…

My ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe went very well, despite announcements of rough sea, I’d say it was my best crossing yet. Also, I highly recommend DFDP Seaways. They were very friendly, the wifi was good and in fact, when

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We’re Back! And we’re off…

It’s been a while. My recent blog update skills have been pretty poor – well, non existent! My apologies – must try harder – as my school reports always stated! Firstly, another new Beyond has been born. Well, it was

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Beyond France to Home!

Driving through Spain Over two days, we covered a good 700 miles, from the delightful thermal springs in Spain, right up through France towards Brittany. We stopped for a night beside a lake in Spain where it rained non stop!

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Bon Voyage!

Beyond The Van Travelling to Europe Part 1 Mid afternoon on March 1st 2016, exactly when we had planned to head down to Poole to start our adventure to Europe – and we’re actually ready! Van all packed: check. Both

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