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“Plans are merely suggestions” – someone once said. No idea who came out with that one, but it fits us down to the ground!

We’re often behind on replying to emails because, well you know, life takes over! This page is here to give you a guide as to where we are, what we’re up to, what we may have planned and how much available time we have. So… here you go…!

Update Date: 10th December 2020

Current Location: Blandford, Dorset.
Next week: Probably Worcestershire.
Next month: Who knows. Open to suggestions.

Wow. Who on earth decided a re-spray was a good idea in December, even if it’s in a barn? The same pillock (Rich) who booked two back-to-back. Short days, low temperatures, oh the list goes on. We’re managing though. But never again! Still down in Dorset about to embark on re-spray number two, after the first one took a whopping ten days. Though looks amazing now complete.

The news you’ve all been waiting for: NEW VIDEO ON YOUTUBE TONIGHT at 7PM (10-12-2020).

We are sort of available for small jobs during January. Perhaps. If you’re in a warm country, that’ll definitely swing it. But for the time being, Phoebe is concentrating on doing some upholstery work which she has booked in and Rich is going to focus on creating content for our YouTube channel as well as continuing to do various upgrades on the Luton.

We’re still really behind on email replies at the moment – sorry! We’re doing our best to reply to a few each day but please understand we receive literally dozens of emails each week.

Future bookings: We tend not to book re-prays too far in advance, so currently we’re not booking for next year, as such. Though if you have a conversion project you’d like help with sooner or later, please do get in touch and we may be able to arrange something! June 2021 we’re aiming to be working in Portugal, so if you’re over there and would like us to help you out, please get in touch. Or sooner, as any excuse to head to warmer climates!

This page is updated frequently, so please do keep an eye on it! Thanks for checking in on us!

If you’d like to get in contact with us, please feel free to do so here…

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