Vehicle Resprays

Richard offers resprays on a mobile basis, throughout the UK and Europe. Providing super quality, affordable resprays. Please tap below for more info!

Van Conversions & Help

Richard’s passion for converting vans lead him to create a mobile workshop facility which enables him to work on full or part van conversion projects on a mobile basis. He comes to you, works with your ideas and create your dreams. Tap below for more info!

Mobile Office & Workshops

If you’re considering the benefits of working from a mobile office, workshop or catering setup, Richard’s able to build your perfect workplace on wheels. Superb craftsmanship, combined with 20 years of IT experience will get you up and working mobile in no time at all.

Natural Bio-energy Healer

Richard Kimberley is a natural bio-energy healer, treating humans and animals. Working with energy to re-balance the body’s own natural energy structures and frequencies in order to restore health and relieve unwanted ailments and symptoms.

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