Devon, Somerset, Wales & Beyond…

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Welcome to more vanlife adventures!

Full time living in a van presents many opportunities to travel. Planning isn’t needed because home is where you park it. Literally. So on that note, Ted and I went off for a spontaneous few weeks towards the south of England and then on into Wales.

Parking in a forest!

For our first night we met up with friends Simon and Dee from in the middle of a forest and had a great evening catching up and chatting about all things van and vanlife.

You know you’re with fellow van dwellers when you can happily sit and chat about van toilets for a good hour.

Video editing in Beyond.

I’ve made the decision to create epic videos of our adventures and drop them on my YouTube channel. The amount of messages I get from people who are inspired by our lifestyle is outstanding and I would like to say thank you all for getting in touch. Communications from followers is awesome, as is meeting up with you guys along our journeys.

Tidal river, Devon.

My next overnight spot in Devon was beautiful and provided an entertaining experience when later in the evening I stepped out of the van to have a wash in the river we were parked next to – and found it was gone. This huge river was in fact a tidal river! You live and learn!!

We spent a whole week in Glastonbury. I love that place. I met lots of fellow van folk and the atmosphere there is just something else. However, I failed slightly by not taking photos for the blog…! I’ll do better next time…

A view from the top of the world!

So, on to Cheddar!

Parking by a stunning view point, we were able to clearly see five counties! Not to mention the Bristol channel in the distance as well as the Welsh coastline beyond!

With beautiful weather, Ted and I went off for a day walking in, through and around Ebbor Gorge.

A day out in Ebbor Gorge

Days later, we headed to South Wales. Now, I’m not one for toll roads, but for around six pounds, it was worth hopping over the Severn Bridge to cut off around 80 miles. Pulling up to the toll booths, I did contemplate whether they’d charge me the over 3.5 tonne rate or the motorhome rate which is the same as a car. Thankfully, it was the latter which saved me having to hold up the many cars behind! Nice to see the return journey over the bridge is free.

Following meeting up with a friend in Cardiff for lunch, we headed off into Wales and look who we found…

Reunited with the Pilot!

There she was, The Pilot! Affectionately renamed “Hapus” by Marc, her new owner. Hapus, I believe, means Happy in Welsh. I spent the afternoon with Marc before the next move which was to the Brecon Beacons.

Theo from The Indie Projects.

The Brecon Beacons – where we met up with good friends…

Scott and Ellie MorganFlorence & The Morgans     YouTube | Instagram

Theo and Bee The Indie Projects   YouTube | Instagram

Matt (& Olivia)These Rolling Hills   | Instagram

An evening of home made curries, camp fires and chat, followed by a day of hiking…

Exploring Brecon Beacons

You know you’re with other YouTubers when…

Matt and Theo filming for their blogs/vlogs.

But there’s always one without a camera in his hand…

Where there’s water, Ted’s in it!

Following a great couple of days with these guys, Ted and I headed off for more Wales fun… Including…

Walking in Wales and playing ball, of course!

Lots of walking. Ted never objects to that!

Wild river swimming in Wales.

Swimming in rivers in November…

Trick or Treat……??

Welcoming Trick or Treaters… or not!

A foggy morning in the hills…

Living the van life gives such wonderful opportunities to experience aspects of life that seem to have been forgotten in this modern world of rushing around. By slowing down and enjoying the moment is true living. Hopefully I’ve captured some moments on video to share with you. So here’s part one of the video from this little adventure. Hope you enjoy…

Some VERY exciting news on our upcoming adventures announcing in the next private blog post – If you’re not already subscribed for private posts, be sure to pop your email address into the box on the home page so you don’t miss out on what we’re up to.

Part 2 to follow shortly! I plan to make a continual “vanlife diary” vlog showing true vanlife! Please do subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss a video.

Letting the adverts run helps fund my travels… Thank you for watching!

Please do leave comments below, it’s great to hear from everyone…

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8 comments on “Devon, Somerset, Wales & Beyond…
  1. The silent traveler ☀️???????? says:

    Hi. Wonderful travels. Thank you for sharing. ????????????????☀️

  2. I for one am very happy you are blogging and vlogging more.

    That photo of Ted with the water in the background is brilliant, I really hope we get to meet you all in the future 🙂

  3. Peter says:

    You always seem to find the most beautiful spots where you and Ted can go for nice hikes and swims.

    Go on having fun, and share that fun with us.


  4. Stephen says:

    Great pictures ????

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