A Path Beyond?

A Path Beyond?

Our tour of Portugal so far has covered not much more than the Algarve. We’ve been in and around this beautiful part of Portugal now for over a week.

Beyond The Van

We headed over to the west coast of Portugal and had been recommended a nice beach park-up spot. The roads were bumpy and steep, but worth the climb!


We found a lovely beach, mainly used by surfers. The waves here would be surfer’s paradise!


But more importantly, I spotted a Defender. Even better, I got a photo. A nice 110 – but back in Solihull, they put the steering wheel on the wrong side…

I expect it leaks just the same as the ones at home in England though.

Beach Park-up

The beach parkup was far from level, but I still managed to get the satellite working.

Yes, I’ve sussed out the Panoramic camera mode on my Samsung tablet!

I went off with my bike up the hills one morning to find this stunning view. You can almost spot our van in the centre of the parking area!

The wind here was pretty strong so we moved on to where I thought would be a lovely place to stay, Barragem De Odiaxere…

Barragem De Odiaxere

And it would have been an amazing place to stay, if there was in fact a place to stay…!

We drove right up above it along a steep, narrow road. When we “arrived at our destination” we were greeted with a metal fence blocking public access any further! Nice. A three point turn with sheer drops all round. We did find a picnic spot back down the road though where we had lunch – and spotted the “no vehicular access beyond this point” sign. D’oh.

Now not knowing where to head, we decided to go back and see our friends at Barragem De Santa Clara.

Santa Clara

We arrived to find the people we’d already met the week before, and lots of new people too! In fact, there were three converted lorries which were at the beach park-up when we left earlier in the day! Small world!

We love Barragem de Santa Clara. Stunning scenery and a bunch of lovely, friendly people.

We stayed here for another few nights, making the most of the sunshine and fresh water. We did some more clothes washing and I went swimming in the lake each morning. Perfect.

Purple Van!

As we were packing up to move on, a charming lady from England pulled up next to us with her sweet dog, Alf. Her van was awesome! Everything was purple, even her hair and Alf’s collar! A fantastic little van with a pop-up bedroom above the roof. Love the windscreen eyes! Not sure what her favourite colour is though?!

After a good old chat, as you do when you find a like-minded Brit who’s also on foreign lands, we headed back to Lagos. I had to meet up with Michaela and the beach really was too good to not return to…


Wherever possible, I’ve been swimming in the sea.



Rich and Kirsty





















Let’s talk about grounding. You what, I hear you say. Beneath your feet outdoors is not just a mere patch of grass, dirt, sand or concrete. It is an omnipresent source of natural healing energy. Humans and all living beings are electrical creatures on an electrical planet. Grounding, or earthing, is nature’s original anti-inflammatory.

I have been barefoot since we left England. At no point have I worn footwear – at all.

In the modern world, people are not grounded – at all. Rubber soled shoes, carpets, wooden floors, etc. People don’t receive the benefits of what the earth offers and have become disconnected – this is the cause of many illnesses, inflammations and joint pains, but to name a few. Grounding provides healing. I will discuss this more in a future post.

Yes, you have to be more alert when you’re walking around. Both town and countryside provide their own dangers, but it doesn’t take long before your feet toughen up and you become more aware of your surroundings. You become more aware of yourself.


We wanted to stay close to Lagos as I was doing a lot of spiritual work with Michaela and wanted to be near for visits. We found a nice spot near Salema right next to a beach and river.


Nice surroundings, but a windy spot!


GPS Location for this spot: 37.067291, -8.810712



Now, let me get one thing straight. I am a logical person. I worked in IT, it doesn’t get more logical than that. I believe what I can see, smell, touch, hear, etc. If you’d talked to me 12 months ago about multi dimensions, dark beings, extra terrestrials, black magics or past lives, I’d look at you as if you should be en route to the nut-house. The only thing spiritual in my world came in a bottle.

Not anymore.

There’s more to all this than most of us know. What if we’re affected by problems from a dimension or multiple dimensions that we don’t even know exist?

Some problems we may have brought on ourselves in this lifetime by dabbling in things we are clueless about such as going ghost hunting for fun, messing with the spirit world just to see what happens and search for answers.  I was a regular for Saturday night ghost hunt events all around England, it was fascinating at the time. My opinion has changed, I will never go to one ever again.



We took Michaela out for a meal. I suggested a place I’d spotted near the beach where we could sit outside.

We pulled up next to a fish restaurant.























I can’t say I was happily eating my dinner, because quite frankly, I don’t have the patience to sift through fish bones to get a toothful of food. The potatoes were nice though.

In walked at least 30 young English students. Loud, cheerful and having the time of their lives.

I had been swimming that morning in the sea, and I was barefoot all day and in the restaurant. I had also spent considerable time with Michaela that afternoon doing her spiritual healing work. I felt great!

The next day, Kirsty and I went into Lagos to do a spot of window shopping.

So we had lunch in Lagos, and met a four legged friend who seemed to be living on the streets.


In the afternoon, we decided to leave the coast and find a fresh water park-up. We headed to Barragem do Arade, via Silves.


Silves – a really nice town packed with interesting scenery and a lovely castle.


We continued through Silves, and after some epic single track, steep roads we arrived at Barragem do Arade.

Barragem do Arade

We found a lovely park-up…

Barragem do Arade

Fantastic views of the Barragem…

Barragem Do Arade

Perfect for swimming!

Cool vans

Some pretty awesome vans here! Not many who speak English – though I did chat to a very pleasant English gentleman who was there with his touring caravan. He’d already read the blog by the time we met!


We’re one of the smallest vans here!!


We’d heard the weather was forecast to be really nice over the next day or so, and with that in mind we decided this was going to be just one night here, then head back to Lagos for the sun! I’d also arranged to meet up with Michaela later in the week.

Our night here was a little painful too – we managed to allow quite a few mosquitoes into the van. A sleepless night of buzzing in our ears resulted in a morning that revealed us bitten all over by the creatures! Not pleasant!!

Nevertheles, I went off on my bike while we were parked up here and found a deralict building…


We’re not sure what this was originally, but it was pretty big in lovely grounds.


The doors were all bricked up except for one. So we went inside. As you do.








Lovely mural on the wall!

Impressive fire place!

Big, commercial size kitchen!

All set in massive grounds!

Amazing views all round!

A well in the front garden!















Then off we set for Lagos…






















We had lunch beside the beach. No cocktails though, just ginger ale!























I made use of the free WiFi on my tablet.






















This is the first time Kirsty has been able to use her phone out of flight mode whilst abroad as her data charges would be huge.























After a sunny beach afternoon, we returned to our trusty lay-by on the outskirts of Lagos.


But for hope, I’m very grateful.

Much gratitude.

Our Routes











Our plan after this week is to head up into central Portugal and see more of this lovely country.

We found ferry prices shot through the roof over Easter (almost double some days!) so have decided to stay away for another few weeks. The ferry is booked and we’ll arrive back in England on 13th April. In the mean time, we will be exploring Portugal lots more and are hoping to drop in and visit one of our Blog readers, Errol, who has been following our travels. We also hope to spend some time in France as we’d like to see more of the country and we have Blog readers to visit there too.

I’m aiming to do a blog post every few days once we’re moving around again. The Algarve is just so addictive, the beaches even more so! We’ll make the most of it while we’re here!!

Until next time….


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7 Comments on “A Path Beyond?

  1. Wow Rich this is sounding positive, they do say we shouldn’t mess with the supernatural so may well have a connection to that.very interesting, looking forward to talkingto you more about Michaela’s work on your return home, it sounds baffling but fascinating. Keep enjoying your wonderful weather and sights of Portugal, its bloomin cool, grey and rainy in good old Blighty. Take care my lovelies.

  2. Great to hear the positive note in your latest blog. As I said in a previous comment “you can eat the elephant, you just have to do it one bite at a time.”
    Good to see more photos of where you have been, and what you have been up to and the fact that you have been eating INSIDE is the bees knees mate, keep it up. Keep him at it Kirsty! Looking forward to chatting face to face later in April. Never know we might all get into a bar together, if we do I, as far as I can remember it’s your round Rich. :o) Take care.

  3. Just wondering if you could do an interview with Lloyd Burrell http://www.electricsense.com/
    as he is awesome (lives in France but is British) and can get your blog out there. What you are up to is so awesome, so inspiring! I am a healer and EHS myself. I gave up my phone and ipad and went wired in with my laptop and landline a year ago now after meeting Barrie Trower and also reading Lloyd’s website. I can’t wait to find out about what Michaela has been up to to help ease your symptoms, are you going to share this with us, I hope so!

    Em, Devon

    • Hi Em!
      Great to hear from you!
      I know Lloyd very well, his work is amazing and I learnt so much about the subject from his website and his book. In all honesty, I don’t feel I have anything worthwhile to contribute to an interview with Lloyd. Not yet at least! The work with Michaela I will definitely be writing about soon. At the present time, I sort of can’t believe that I can’t feel RF. I’m petrified to go near it now in case the symptoms start back up, which they could well do! So many times I’ve thought I can be ok again, had a break away from it all, then gone back into it feeling ok… for a short time! I will keep you updated either way though!!! Best wishes, Richard.

  4. Hope you continue to keep feeling well and enjoy your travels,we both enjoy reading your adventures best regards Alfand Marianne.

  5. Hi guys
    Good to see you making some progress…..and from someone who has suffered with ME for six and a half years, I know where you are coming from. We spent too long in the Alps to meet up with you in Portugal as we are only now in SW France. I hope our paths do cross sometime and I will be using some of your Portugal stops when we get there. The Alps are great for being wifi free as we struggled to get a signal anywhere.
    All the best

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