Off Grid Living

Off Grid Living

Boxing Day…

When better to head for the hills, go back to basics and enjoy Wales?

Bike loaded up, time to head off!

Ted and I headed to Snowdonia and parked up next to Bala Lake when we arrived after dark. Stunning scenery and a lovely spot for the night, our surprise view was far from disappointing.

That evening, we were joined by friends Martin and Emma – Better known online as “Houseless Not Homeless” and “Emmas Van Life” Be sure to check out their van life YouTube videos.

Emma didn’t bring her Border Collie, Raffi, so Ted is still yet to meet him nose to nose! But she did doodle in my dust.

Dust… the only down side of a wood burner!

Later in the evening, well, middle of the night, we were joined by Martin’s friend Kev in his motorhome. We chatted and drank around the log burner until the (very) early hours!

The following morning, Martin and Kev headed off over the water by Kayak.

A Kayak is something I really need to get for my adventures too. It’s on the list!

Ted and I stayed for a second night at Bala Lake, it’s a beautiful place. We were visited the following morning by Rowenna, a lady who’s in the Campervan Overnight Parking facebook group. Rowenna lives not far from where we were parked up and popped by to say hello – and brought us a delicious home baked loaf of bread! Sorry Ted, none for you, this one’s all mine!! Very kind indeed!

It’s always good to try something new. Using the Wim Hof method, I went for a dip in the lake… at minus 4 degrees. An amazing experience which left me feeling full of energy and very refreshed for the day. Here’s the video…

After the video being online for just a short time, I was chuffed to find out that it’s inspired others to give this a try too! Good on you to those who give it a go! Be warned, it becomes addictive.

After lunch, it was time to head off to Elan Valley.

We stopped off for lunch on the way – such a delightful spot!

This place just can’t be beaten for beauty.

A remote spot, nobody around, just nature.

A perfect opportunity to cleanse my crystals in the river.

Whilst keeping this lunatic away from them!

I didn’t lose any in the river this time!

I washed up in the river and swam in it daily.

Whilst parked up, I often get chatting to people. More often than not, it turns out to be a Blog follower who’s spotted me! Always great when Blog readers stop and say hello!

I was told about a Bothy, which can almost be spotted in the photo above. It’s on the far side of the lake.

Ted and I went to find it!

After about an hour of hiking through marshes, we found the bothy.

A bothy was originally farm accommodation which has now been renovated by the Mountain Bothy Association to become an open shelter. Usually in a remote location where travellers might have need of four walls and a roof. Most bothies are old cottages and at least several hours walk from the public road.

The inside is amazing!

Large log burner and seating.

Raised areas for overnight stays.

The fire still glowing from the previous visitor!

This Bothy was restored in 2013.

There’s a wood store with firewood chopping facilities!

Even an outside toilet. Yes, I took a photo of the toilet.

Before darkness crept in, we headed back to the van after writing in the guest book.

If you’re looking to go back to basics and live off grid for a couple of nights, this could be your place. No electricity or mobile phone signal for miles.

With a view like this from your door… Not a bad back garden!!

I don’t do posh houses, fancy cars, borrowed money or the rat race… Washing up in the river, bathing in the lakes, free power from the sun. This is living.

I’m not one for New Years celebrations or resolutions because I live every minute of my life for right now. Not for tomorrow, that’s not promised to anybody. I don’t do planning or any of the materialistic stuff, instead I do exactly as I please and make fantastic memories – the only things we take with us. If this year is going to be very much the same as last year for you, that’s called being alive, it’s not living.

Wishing all my friends a great year of fantastic memory making and plenty of living. Happy New Year.

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11 Comments on “Off Grid Living

  1. Wow!!!! That was amazing!!!
    Stopped off at Bala it is amazing isn’t it.
    Well done Richard.
    All the best for you and your adventures each day.

  2. Oh thank you for sharing, Richard. Love getting your blog emails and checking out what you are doing in your van, on FB and on your site. Your life is inspirational and I wish you continued peace, adventure and happiness. x

  3. Great travels and updates Richard,love the pics, well done. Just wish I could do the same, it’s got to be a far better life. Even when I get away for a few days in the van without any technology (other than a sat-nav) I feel so much better. Keep up the blog. Safe journey.

  4. Brilliant stumbling across your blog! Wish I could do the same but I’m broke and can’t drive. Yet. Hopefully I can hold onto my health (I also have EHS) while I try and get enough together to do this. Thanks for sharing I wish you the best xx

  5. Hi Richard great to hear you are back on the road again heading back to Portugal. Hope we can meet up in the Algarve. It will be great to see you and Ted again. Please let me know when you arrive in the Algarve and we can arrange to meet up. In the meantime have a safe and enjoyable journey and chill out.
    Kind regards
    ps Really like the van looks like you have been very busy again.

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