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Off Grid Living

Boxing Day… When better to head for the hills, go back to basics and enjoy Wales? Bike loaded up, time to head off! Ted and I headed to Snowdonia and parked up next to Bala Lake when we arrived after

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May Day Bank Holiday

To the seaside… The day we returned to England from our first trip abroad with the van last month, we picked up my new travel buddy, Ted. Ted’s a six month old Border Collie. A combination of May day bank

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Happy New Year 2016 !!

Happy New Year! A dedicated Blog post for New Year seems appropriate! Especially when we’re wild camped in Elan Valley! And now I’ve worked out how to make my photos enlarge when you click on them So, we arrived last

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Beyond to Wales – Part 1

Wild Camping in Wales Warning: This is my first ever attempt at writing a Blog. Viewers may find it slightly, or very boring. I will/may improve as time goes on…. After 6 months of building the van we finally embarked

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